High Performance Habit Builder

A 30 day self-study programme providing the key to unlocking time and space to build success in life, health and happiness

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Ready to kickstart your life so that you are top of your game?

Discover how to:

✔️ unlock the ultimate balance using high performance

✔️ create your own personal daily practices that work

✔️ prioritise fun, joy and ease without the burnout

Would you love....

To create the life you truly deserve?

Without burnout, without the pressure and whilst welcoming in more happiness and fun along the way too?

But you don't know where to start.


Do you feel like you're running on the treadmill of life?

That there is never EVER enough time.

There is a fear around stopping what you are doing, and the self sabotage around any change is rife!!

I mean it's easier to scroll on your phone right?


Yet you want some routine, some foundational layers to build from and ultimately for it to be easier.

You know it can be SO much easier, you can stop the hustle, create the space and stop the procrastination.

You are here for so much more and the energy you have that is spent on getting annoyed with yourself (AGAIN) can be channeled into high performance in just a few weeks with guidance.

That's where High Performance Habit Builder comes in!

What Does High Performance Even Mean?

As a global high performance coach, it is my mission to help a million people celebrate their brilliance using high performance.

So high performance to me means living to your fullest potential, in ALL areas of your life and in a way that works for you.  It's about being clear on your strengths, creating a life that plays to them and enjoying fun and happiness along the way. Being unapologetic in being YOU.

This involves standing in your own space and celebrating your brilliance, knowing that there may well be judgement, jealousy and loss alongside deeper love, happiness and contentment. And you can have it all!

It's ultimately about learning to back yourself and step into limitless success.

All of this starts with building the foundations of high performance...the daily routines and habits that will stand you in good stead for the big missions you are taking on.

high performance mindset

Which is why I created The High Performance Habit Builder

...the key to creating time and space to build success in life, health and happiness

Inside the High Performance Habit Builder Programme, you’re going to step into some deep personal growth and take inspired action that feels good for you.

✔️ Understand what's holding you back mindset-wise

✔️ Understand your self-sabotage behaviours and how to overcome them

✔️ Learn to love yourself unconditionally

✔️ Build confidence and self-belief in who you are and what you are here to do

✔️ Create time and space for you

✔️ Manage your energy so it works for you

✔️ Connect in with your amazing body

✔️ Bring back the fun, excitement and joy into your life

✔️ Deepen your self worth and acceptance

✔️ Step fully into EASE with full permission

✔️ Have an action plan to take forward with certainty

✔️ Create your own 30-minute personal practice

Meet Antonia Noble

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"I decided to give (High Performance Habit Builder) a go with Charlotte after hearing her speak about it. High Performance had been on my radar having spoken about it with elite sports folk and business coaches who are really experienced and utterly grounded. Whilst the name might sound intimidating it really is for anyone wanting to free themselves of the "what ifs" or the "I’m not sure I can" and want to work and live freely. I instantly clicked with Charlotte as someone  who is totally honest, super knowledgeable across all aspects of the subject and passionate about her own High Performance.

At the outset I was excited but I had no idea how impactful the 4 weeks could be - by intentionally taking some simple guided steps. Because Charlotte has a great way of making the concepts connect with real life - your real life it really does work. There are so many tangible benefits of dipping into this world with Charlotte - for me it has given me ease and balance which has impacted on every aspect of my life from work to work outs, it has given me a real understanding of where I should be headed and the tools to start the journey to shining in my best way. I suspect these benefits would be felt by anyone taking these steps - whether, like me as a starter or someone more experienced in this world.

Charlotte is incredibly knowledgeable, grounded, empathetic and absolutely shining in her own brilliance when delivering this course. She is her own best testimonial. That said, I would recommend this course for anyone but especially those who may be nervous or unsure if they have a light to shine - you do!"

What's included?

So you have decided to kickstart change, and step into the ease and flow and happiness that you deserve.

And you don't have to do it alone. High Performance Habit Builder is a group coaching programme. Having a community around and being in a live experience lends itself to sustainable change. It's proven that creating and building habits are easier when others are aware of your actions and keep you accountable. You end up cheering each other on.

So here is what's included:

✔️ 4 x recorded teaching modules and workbooks covering:

Positive psychology and getting your head in the game

Your body and how amazing it is

Happiness and joy, always your choice

Taking inspired action

✔️ 30 daily emails with actionable steps to hold you accountable (no hiding) and build in your 30 minutes daily practice

✔️ Hypnosis tracks, visualisations, audios, journal prompts and so much more...


Meet Caro Syson

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"I decided to do the (High Performance Habit Builder) programme with Charlotte to shine a spotlight on my own inner confidence issues around speaking up and self esteem. Right from the get-go I felt supported and in the right place as there was step by step guidance, workbooks, prompts, videos and daily emails.

There was a wealth of information (almost too much at times if that's possible!)  as I have also had a busy spell the last few weeks so I couldn’t keep up with all of it each day. But I like the idea of knowing that I can access it to go through at a later date when I have the time to revisit it.

I would thoroughly recommend the programme to anyone who wants to work on themselves and is looking for a boost and some valuable tools to help them reach the next level. Thank you so much Charlotte for all your positive input and energy."

high performance coach Charlotte Carter

Charlotte's story

Charlotte has worked within personal development for the past 20 years. She has helped hundreds of people overcome self sabotage, increase their self belief and skyrocket their life in ways they never thought were possible.

Charlotte is passionate about empowering leaders and coaches to create more joy, more freedom and more belief in themselves and their lives.

She can't wait to teach you some of her top high performance success habits for finding balance and blend in life, business and health and creating your own version of success your way!


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